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New twists on customer retention:
a three to four year process.

The biggest influence on customer loyalty and affinity for the auto dealer is the quality of the vehicle they sell. But although the quality of the customer's purchase may meet or exceed their expectations, they still expect more. Customers expect to be appreciated… or they will seek appreciation elsewhere. Giving customers your ongoing appreciation is key to retaining them. And in is this economy, (or any economy) dealers need to rethink how to retain every customer they have.

Showing your appreciation...

Showing your appreciation and earning your customers' loyalty is simply a matter of relationship marketing. Establishing an ongoing relationship with your customers distinguishes you from your competitors who only want to sell them something.

Great relationship marketing begins the moment your client makes their first purchase. A personally written thank-you note congratulating the customer for their purchase should be sent immediately. The note should also restate the benefits of ownership (reliability, superior gas mileage, etc.) to reinforce the customer's buying decision. A feedback device (customer satisfaction survey) should be sent shortly thereafter. Use any feedback you get to improve your response to your customers' ongoing needs. Promptly handle any complaints or problems, but don't forget to acknowledge praise as well. Above all, be sincere.

Turn experiences into an opportunity.

Most car-buyers will usually enter a kind of honeymoon period for the first few months of new-car ownership… assuming the vehicle performs as expected. But an unplanned repair visit can cause an otherwise loyal, happy customer to bad-mouth the brand. And a repair experience that does not go well only deepens the ill-will felt by the customer. Turn such experiences into an opportunity to strengthen customer bonds. A prompt and empathetic response followed by excellent service surprises customers with ease and convenience when they expect it the least and value it most.

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A Clean and Sparking Facility Promotes Sales

Corporate Image Cleaning Contractors, is becoming the preeminent provider of dealership, commercial and office cleaning services. Our enthusiastic staff are professionally trained to accommodate and customize the cleaning of your facility to your expectations and needs.

No matter how diverse our clients needs are, we have met and exceeded their expectations. How we do this is through a routine strategy of reevaluation that's only unique to Corporate Image Cleaning Contractors. It's so successful and simple, other businesses have begun implementing it to satisfy their clients needs and retain them.

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