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Can You Sell 1425 Cars Like Joe?

I have always been on the lookout for new ways to sell products and services. One day I was talking to my friend Dave Leta, a marketing consultant, and he told me the story of a man named Joe Girard. It seems that Joe had sold 1425 cars in one year! And in his career of 15 years, he sold more than 13,000 new cars and trucks. This was at retail not wholesale or used vehicles. Brand-new cars. Brand-new trucks. Joe got so busy that it became business by appointment only. Do you have this problem?

The Secret You Don't Know?

Joe had a secret. His secret was to keep in touch with his customers and prospects month after month and year after year. It got to a point where he was sending 16,000 cards each month to prospects and to existing clients. With this constant contact, Joe had a winning formula. Of course, this type of work was daunting. So he had to go and hire administrative staff so they could start interacting with customers and prospects.

Now imagine, what these people would think after getting a card or call or some sort of contact from Joe each month. They couldn't help but feel connected to Joe.

To find out more about this extraordinary individual you can visit Joe at his web site

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A Clean and Sparking Facility Promotes Sales

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